Suing a Doctor Independently

Doctors are supposed to be professionals we trust with our medical necessities. Unfortunately, some of these doctors can become lazy in their work or even careless of mistakes made while dealing with their patients. Emotional distress and misdiagnosis are two common mishaps that doctors create because of their unwillingness to put forth the effort to help patients that sought their help in the first place. When distress and a diagnosis that isn’t accurate are brought onto the patient, this causes financial hiccups trying to fix what has been worsened by a professional, and then can become unaffordable.


Suing a doctor can be done without a lawyer. This makes the process a little more financially suitable for the victim without all the costs of another person doing the work. Check specific state’s Statue of Limitations to determine the amount of time a state specifically allows a victim to have before they need to file a warning to the doctor intended to be sued. Then, obtain a report written by a medical expert or experts that can verity the distress and misdiagnosis the doctor has created. This is proof for the court and helps the victim’s case even better in their favor. If the amount of money looking to be awarded for dealing with the negatives a doctor has created is greater than the limit a small claims court has set, then state court is an option when deciding where to go. Talk to the clerk at the courthouse to obtain any forms needed for the process. Once these forms are filled out and signed, they can be turned back in so they can then serve the doctor their papers for the case. Finally, just appear in court on the date of your case and plead your case.

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