Can I Sue my Doctor for not Helping Me

If a person is injured by a medical mistake, it is possible to sue the doctor. Suing a doctor for medical negligence is possible and a number of medical malpractice cases won each year continues to increase.

If you have injuries after your procedure you need to contact a lawyer right away. They will want photographs and other proof of your injuries. The medical malpractice lawyer will determine if you need to sue the doctor, the hospital or medical clinic, or both.

In some cases, it is difficult to. The hospital may not a limited liability when it comes to malpractice suits.

There are several reasons why a person may have the right to sue the doctor for malpractice or negligence. A serious medical condition may have been ignored and a person may have been misdiagnosed. The equipment sue the hospital. The quality of medical treatment is performed by the doctor. The doctor is often not a direct employee of the hospital but an independent contractor that works out of the hospital for the procedure may not have been properly sterilized and a person may have gotten an infection. There are even some cases where the doctor performed the wrong medical procedure on a patient.

These are some reasons why a patient may sue their doctor. If a person was injured while under the care of a medical professional they may have a lawsuit and should speak to a personal injury lawyer immediately.

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